Bart and Associates, LLC

The Firm

Bart and Associates provides legal services related to all aspects of corporate and business transactional law, with a specific focus on securities and investment-based law for public and private entities as well as their shareholders.  What we have learned from our years of experience in these highly scrutinized industries, is that having legal representation is always important in nearly every facet of business, but in today's climate of heightened regulation, it is critical. 

The core principles of Bart and Associates are to provide exceptional legal services, while simultaneously ensuring a short turnaround of our work for our clients.  We feel it is unacceptable for our clients to wait endlessly for a project to be returned, which is why we work our hardest to complete all work in a very timely manner.  Unlike large law firms, where size can lead to neglected clients, we strive to keep close contact with all of our clients, and put a premium on being available as the needs of our clients arise.

At Bart and Associates we understand that our firm and our clients flourish together, and that the growth of this law firm is rooted in a kind of practical perfectionism, through performing work for our clients expeditiously without sacrificing an exacting attention to detail.  We work toward this common goal while still exemplifying the integrity and high ethical standards that lie at the foundation of the attorney-client relationship.  This unflinching commitment to our clients is absolutely vital if an atmosphere of mutual trust is to exist between our firm and our clients.  We gladly work with all types of clients, including individuals, large and small businesses, and investment companies.  Although the size of our clients may differ significantly, our commitment to each client remains the same:  to represent each client to the fullest of our abilities and with unwavering tenacity.  




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